Founded by Andrea Guevara, Brand Strength is a branding agency and a system-based methodology to branding. Always dedicated to the underdog, the new kid, the oddball with a great idea, we believe great branding is achieved only when we’re truly honest with ourselves: about our vision, mission, value, strengths, and who our Ideal Customers™ truly are. Talk is cheap and brands are built on the actions they take, not just the flashy graphics they flaunt.

We’d love to help you build a great brand.

And we know that starts with building from your strengths and values–not trying to be everything to everyone. Our name, Brand Strength, is evocative of that strengths-based approach, but it also speaks to the value and strength a well-crafted brand has to weather the inevitable storms of life, as well as bringing tangible value to an organization.

91% of consumers
would rather buy from an authentic brand.
Long Beach Branding Agency founder Andrea Guevara
Andrea Guevara, CEO & Brand Director